Tax and Reporting Information Available on RF Public Website


There is now tax and reporting information available on the RF public website under Contact RF > Doing Business with RF and under Working at the RF. This content is designed to help program administrators or anyone who receive payments from the Research Foundation understand taxation and reporting information. On the site you will find information about:

  • Reportable Payments – outlines payments the RF reports to the government as income received
  • Payment Classifications – defines which payments fall under the two categories of payments, services and non-services
  • Residency Status – contains information to help you determine your residency status (U.S. citizen, permanent resident, resident alien or non-resident alien
  • Personalized Assistance– provides information specific to your residency status and payment classification such as rules, impacts, forms, when to expect your year-end tax statement and tax filing references
  • Links – direct links to government websites with pertinent tax and reporting content

These web pages are for informational purposes only, as the RF cannot provide personal tax advice.

Contact: Ned Gellner

NYS Iran Divestment Act of 2012


The state of New York has updated the Iran Divestment Act (IDA) to restrict SUNY and CUNY institutions from having any business dealings with 43 entities linked to Iran.

Learn more about the IDA.

To help comply with these requirements, our vendor, Visual Compliance has included the full IDA list in the Restricted Party Screening solution as part of the Visual Compliance RPS Inclusions service. Reference numbers for these Inclusions will be IDA0001 through IDA0043.

Contact: Anne Connolly

RF Issues New Cost Sharing Policy and Administrator's Guide


The Research Foundation issued a Cost Sharing Policy to ensure compliance with federal government regulations and to clarify the RF’s position on the use of mandatory, voluntary committed and voluntary uncommitted cost sharing.

Once an award is made all cost sharing commitments—either required by sponsor or stated in the proposal—are considered to be mandatory and become a binding obligation of the institution.

To help staff fulfill these commitments, the RF revised its “Cost Sharing: A Guide for Administrators” (effective November 2012) to reflect the new policy and to document the cost sharing process for administrative staff.

Contact: Anne Connolly

Policies and Procedures Available on RF Public Website


Staff who use Research Foundation policies, procedures and guidance to do their jobs and other audiences who access this information can now do so more efficiently. The content is available on the RF public website and provides:

  • Easy access -- no login required.
  • Simple, intuitive organization.
  • Alphabetical index.
  • Accurate keyword search.
  • Feedback area for users to provide input.

RF policies, procedures, and guidance documents also remain accessible in their current locations on the internal website.

View: RF Policies and Procedures

Contact: Susan Zaffers-Vincelette

Ethics and Compliance Training


WeComply, a leading provider of ethics and compliance training solutions, is now available at no cost to campuses to provide a consistent compliance message to all RF employees. Topics include diversity in the workplace, internal controls, and financial conflicts of interest.



Access is available from the RF public or internal (Username: RF employee number; Password: rfsuny) Training web pages. In addition, the RF Training Unit can supply PowerPoint files to campus sponsored programs offices that would like to teach a corresponding class. Courses will be released in a phased approach, with a January 1, 2013 target for the full course library. Going forward, WeComply courses will also link directly to RF policies.

Contact: RF Training Uni

Collaboration: NSF I-Corps Proposal


The RF submitted a proposal in response to a National Science Foundation (NSF) solicitation for SUNY to become an NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Node, offering entrepreneurship and innovation training through its Innovation Hubs at University at Albany, Binghamton University, Stony Brook University, and the University at Buffalo.

Contact: Heather Hage

Shared Services Pilot


The Accounts Payable (AP) Shared Services Pilot is scheduled to conclude December 31. Following a thorough evaluation, the participating campuses will decide whether to continue using the AP shared services model or bring the transactional processing back to their campuses.

Contact: David Martin