Pre-Award Data Reporting from Discoverer

The Research Foundation (RF) created two new business areas in Discoverer, at the request of the RF-SUNY Coeus Consortium, to facilitate pre-award reporting from the Coeus application. “Coeus has limited reporting capabilities and the consortium asked us to provide a solution that makes use of our existing reporting tool,” explained Mark Abbey,

The two new business areas are:

  • Pre-Award Proposal Details (PAPD) provides pre-award proposal details from the Coeus application and resulted from requests from the RF-SUNY Coeus Consortium as well as a need for the ability to report pre-award data SUNY-wide going forward.

Both business areas are accessible via the ORG Discoverer Pre-Award responsibility. The data for each business area is updated daily via a feed from the University at Buffalo (UB). In addition the following Discoverer workbooks have been created in an effort to facilitate use of these business areas:

  • PAPD_ARRA Proposals
    List of ARRA Proposals submitted including Sponsor Name, PI, Title, CFDA#, Type, Start & End Dates, Total Costs and Proposal #.
  • PAPD_COEUS Institute Proposals
    List of Pending Proposals.
  • PAPD_Proposal Investigator Report Query
    Includes a list of Investigators associated with a proposal, including the Proposal Lead Unit and Unit Lead Unit to determine if it is PI or Co-PI for the Proposal.
  • PAPD_Proposals By Sponsor Type
    Includes breakdown by Sponsor Type totals for each Research Administrator.
  • PAPD_Proposals with Specific YNQ's

    Identifies Proposals with specific YNQ questions as a parameter.

  • PAPCD_Credit Distribution
    Provides the distribution percentages and amount details by unit and by person.

“This project was truly a collaborative effort of many individuals at various locations,” said Abbey. “IT staff from UB and the central office worked very closely on the technical elements of this and the logistics associated with the daily data feed. A number of people from the consortium played key roles and Garrett Kinne, who served as project manager, did a terrific job as well. This was very much a team effort.”

Contact: Mark Abbey

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