Student Titles Policy


The Research Foundation (RF) encourages the employment of full-time SUNY students on sponsored programs relating to their fields of study. In order to do this, a student fringe benefit charge has been established for full-time SUNY students, which is lower than the charge on salaries and wages paid non-student employees.

The student fringe benefit rate is charged against salaries and wages paid employees appointed to the student titles.

Designated Student Titles

The following titles are designated student titles:

Policy: Student Criteria

In order for an employee to be appointed to a student title, the employee must satisfy all three of the following criteria:

When any one of the three criteria is not satisfied, the employee must be appointed to a nonstudent title. Then the current established Research Foundation fringe benefit rate would be applied to salaries and wages earned, and the employee would be eligible for fringe benefits on the same basis as other employees.


Operating Locations

The Research Foundation operations manager is responsible for ensuring that

Central Office

The director of the Office of Employee Services is responsible for

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