Summer Period Continuation of GSEHP Benefits


Graduate student employees (including F1 and F2 visa holders) covered under the Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP) during the spring semester are eligible to continue coverage during the summer period, even if not in active pay status, if the operations manager or designee certifies that the employee is expected to be reassigned in the fall and if the employee prepays the entire employee share of the premium for the summer period.

Eligibility for International Students on a J Visa

The Research Foundation (RF) will continue to contribute its share of the premium for coverage under the SUNY Health Insurance Program for International Students or Scholars (international program) during the summer period for J visa holders who are expected to be reassigned in the fall.

Period of Coverage

Coverage is provided from the day the student employee terminates from the Research Foundation payroll through the end of August.

Resuming Coverage in the Fall

Coverage after the end of August is determined by the date of the student employee's fall assignment. The following table describes how coverage is resumed in the fall:

If the employee is reassigned...

then coverage is...


by or on September 30

continued without interruption from August 31 to the date of assignment

deductions are taken at the new plan year's rate beginning on the date of assignment. Additional deductions must be added for the covered weeks between August 31 and the new assignment date. Further adjustments may be necessary because of rate changes effective with the new plan year. Refer to the section System Input Upon Employee's Reassignment in "Summer Period: How to Process GSEHP Continuation of Coverage."

after September 30

retroactively terminated August 14* (with an additional 28 day extension of coverage for non-fellows)

employees may pay COBRA premiums for the time after coverage is terminated, if they apply within 60 days.

Payment of Premiums

Research Foundation Contributions

The Research Foundation will continue to make the same contributions towards coverage, but the employee must prepay the entire employee share of the premium for the summer period.

Employee Payments

Advance biweekly payroll deductions for the summer period are taken while the employee is still on the RF payroll in the spring. This continues for the number of pay periods required to make up the employee premium for the summer period. The entire premium can be paid by check if approval for the summer period is given by the project director just prior to or after the employee terminates.

Note: Refer to Summer Period: How to Process GSEHP Continuation of Coverage for required calculations, examples, and Oracle input requirements.


In the event the benefits administrator is notified after advance deductions commence that an employee's coverage should not continue for the summer, a refund should be made to the employee through the payroll process, provided the employee is on the payroll. If the employee is not on the payroll, notify central office who will issue a check to the employee.

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