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Choosing a provider
Eligibility for services and your level of reimbursement are determined by whether you go to a Davis Vision participating provider or a non-participating provider.

Participating providers
Participating providers will verify your eligibility for services with Davis Vision without requiring an identification card.

To find a Davis Vision participating provider, please either call Davis Vision’s Interactive Voice Response at 800-999-5431, or check the “Find a Doctor” section of the Davis Vision website.

Following the directions on the Member Login screen, you should:

  1. Enter your Social Security number in the box next to "Member ID or Login Name"
  2. Enter your last name in the box next to "Password"
  3. Click the Submit button

Non-participating providers
You may receive services from an out-of-network provider, although you will receive the greatest value and maximize your benefit dollars if you select a provider that participates in the network.

Submitting claims
Participating providers with Davis Vision will verify your eligibility. no claim forms or identification cards are necessary.

Nonparticipating providers will require payment from you for all charges.

Be sure to obtain a receipt and ask the provider to complete the applicable portion of the Direct Reimbursement Claim form. To obtain reimbursement, you must submit a copy of the receipt and the completed Direct Reimbursement Claim Form to:

Vision Care Processing Unit
P.O. Box 1525
Latham , NY 12110

All services must be obtained at the same time, as only one claim for reimbursement may be submitted per benefit cycle.


Vision Insurance

For non-participating providers:
Davis Vision Claim Reimbursement Address
Vision Care Processing Unit
P.O. Box 1525
Latham, NY 12110
(800) 999-5431
Davis Vision Web site
Regular Vision Care Plan Brochure
Vision Plan Plus Brochure
Vision Care Plan Claim Form
Davis Vision Mobile App
Benefits Enrollment Form


Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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