Vision Insurance - Plan Benefits/Frequencies
In-Network Co-Payment
Eye Examinations
Every 24 months
Reimbursed up to $20
Eye Glasses
Every 24 months
None if you choose plan lenses and frames

Reimbursed up to:

  • $14 for frames
  • $14 for single vision lenses
  • $23 for bi-focals
  • $32 for tri-focals
Contact Lenses
Every 24 months
$25 if you choose plan lenses

Reimbursed up to:

  • $28 for daily or disposable
  • $36 for lenticular
Occupational Eye Exams and Eyewear
Every 24 months
(employee only)
Not covered

Refer to the Vision Care Plan Brochure or the TLC Laser Vision Brochure for additional information.


Vision Insurance

For non-participating providers:
Davis Vision Claim Reimbursement Address
Vision Care Processing Unit
P.O. Box 1525
Latham, NY 12110
(800) 999-5431
Davis Vision Web site
TLC Laser Vision Correction Brochure
Vision Care Plan Brochure
Vision Care Plan Claim Form


Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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