Optional Retirement - Enroll

To enroll in this plan, log on to Employee Self Service and select the percentage of pay you wish to contribute. Refer to the Benefits Handbook or Postdoctoral Employee Benefits Handbook . You can change your contribution percentage any time.  If you need assistance you may also contact your campus benefits office.


Your funds will be automatically invested into a target retirement date fund based on your age and an estimated retirement age of 65, and your beneficiary will be your estate.  If you wish to change either your investment or your beneficiary, log on to the TIAA website for RF employees ( and select "Enroll Now" to set up an online account.


For more information on determining an amount to contribute, see the section on "Contribution Amounts."


Once you are enrolled you have the ability to make a rollover contribution to this account under certain circumstances.


For additional information, please refer to the Benefits Handbook or the Optional Retirement Plan Informational Handout.


Optional Retirement



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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