Optional Retirement - Allocate Contributions

The RF contracts with TIAA to provide investment options and administer optional retirement benefits:




Upon new enrollment in this plan, your contributions will be invested in a target retirement date fund that is designed for your age and estimated retirement date unless you direct otherwise. If you decide to invest in a different fund, you must complete a TIAA enrollment form and send the enrollment form directly to TIAA, or change your investment online. (Visit and click Enroll Now.)


If this enrollment form does not arrive at TIAA before the first deduction, deductions will go to the default fund until the enrollment form is processed.


Once you are enrolled you can change your allocation at TIAA at any time by contacting them directly.


You can read more about your fund options as well as the applicable fees on the TIAA website (


Optional Retirement



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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