Optional Life Insurance - Beneficiaries

If you wish to designate a beneficiary for Optional Life Insurance other than the person(s) named for Basic Life Insurance, indicate this on Part F of the Benefits Enrollment Form.

If you do not designate a beneficiary, it will be assumed that the beneficiary is the same as the one you designated for your Basic Life Insurance coverage.

If you name more than one beneficiary, you must specify in fractions or percentages, rather than dollar amounts, the portion payable to each beneficiary. If you do not specify portions, each benificiary will share equally in the benefit.

You may change your beneficiary designation at any time by completing a new Benefits Enrollment Form and submitting it to your campus Benefits Office.

The effective date of the change will be the day you signed the form, but the form must be received before the insurance company pays any benefits.

If you die while covered, your beneficiaries will be notified of the following death benefit payment guidelines:

  • Payment will be made to the primary beneficiary(ies) in the manner indicated on the enrollment form.
  • If no primary beneficiary is living, benefits are paid to the contingent beneficiaries.
  • If the beneficiary is a minor, application for benefits must be made by the court-appointed guardian of the minor's property. Prudential will require a notarized copy of the guardianship appointment prior to payment of the benefit.
  • If no beneficiary designation was made, the indemnity for loss of life will be payable in equal shares to the surviving relatives of the highest rank as listed below:
    • Spouse of the employee (legally married)
    • Lawful living children of the employee
    • Father and mother of the employee
    • Brothers and sisters of the employee
    • Estate


Optional Life Insurance



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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