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BlueCross BlueShield Global Traveler (BCBST) provides emergency medical services (and other non-routine care) for all persons traveling outside the country on official RF business.

Coverage provides upfront payment guarantees to hospitals and physicians worldwide for non-routine medical care for all persons (other than independent contractors) and their eligible dependents traveling on RF business for periods of fewer than 180 consecutive days.

BCBST also provides direct payments and guarantees of payments to physicians, laboratories, clinics, and urgent care centers, and provides recommendations to facilities of all types.

As a traveler, you should secure or maintain your comprehensive coverage for you and your dependents before traveling overseas, since the BCBST plan is designed as a supplement and not a stand-alone plan.

Services include:

  • Emergency and routine medical advice and referrals
  • Medical and emergency evacuation
  • Lost document assistance
  • Legal referrals
  • Emergency messages to family members
  • Emergency telephone translation services

The RF pays the full cost of this coverage. To enroll, contact your campus benefits office. Your coverage becomes effective when international travel is scheduled.

Essentially, any person (other than an independent contractor) traveling outside the country on official RF business is eligible for this plan. Your spouse/domestic partner, and/or your children are covered if they are traveling with you.

Please refer to the BlueCross BlueShield Global Traveler Certificate of Coverage (login required) for more information.




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Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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