Health Insurance - Using Health Benefits
  • When you join a health plan you will receive an identification card and member handbook, with detailed information about your benefits.

  • Each health plan has participating providers who agree to accept certain fees for their services. You must use a participating provider in order to receive the maximum benefits from each plan. The health plan you choose will tell you how to find out who the participating providers are.

  • If you use a non-participating provider, your benefits will be reduced if you are in the PPO (refer to the Empire PPO Benefit Booklet), or may not be covered at all if you are in an HMO.

  • For more information regarding the Empire PPO, please refer to the Empire PPO Benefit Booklet. The Benefits Handbook also contains information regarding using PPO health benefits.

  • For more information regarding your HMO benefits, please refer to the Benefits Handbook


Health Insurance - Regular



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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