Health Insurance - Health Plan Summaries

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage 

As Mandated by the Affordable Care Act, these summaries are in a uniform format to make plan comparisons easier


Empire Traditional PPO - 2018
Empire Deductible PPO - 2018
CDPHP (all areas) - 2019
Blue Choice (Excellus Rochester) 2018-CLOSED to new participants
IHA - 2018
MVP - 2018
2017 Empire Rider to Certificate of Coverage


Enrollment Kits

Enrollment Kits contain additional details and provide more traditional benefit summaries in a format specific to each carrier

2019 Empire PPO Enrollment Kit (Traditional or Deductible)
2019 CDPHP Enrollment Kit
2019 MVP Enrollment Kit
2019 IHA Enrollment Kit


Health Insurance - Regular



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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