Life Events - Grad Divorce

If you and your covered spouse get divorced, you must notify your campus Benefits Office to remove your ex-spouse from coverage within 30 days of the divorce. Your ex-spouse cannot be continued on your RF benefits.


Health, Dental and Vision Plans
Divorce is considered a COBRA qualifying event. While the RF policy requires you to remove your ex-spouse from your benefits within 30 days of the divorce, your ex-spouse may continue group health, dental, and vision coverage at their own cost under COBRA.  


For information about COBRA continuation privileges, please refer to the COBRA section of the Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP) Member Handbook.

If, as a result of a divorce, you and/or your children lose coverage through your spouse’s plan, you will be allowed to enroll in the GSEHP within 30 days after the other coverage ends.  Complete the Health Plan Enrollment Form and return it to your campus benefits office.



A change in family status may lead to a change in federal and/or state withholding exemptions.  Contact your Payroll Department to change your withholding exemptions.


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