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Benefits Handbook
The RF Benefits Handbook provides a summary of each benefits plan and tells you where to find detailed information. This handbook, in combination with handbooks and certificates from the insurance companies, constitutes the ERISA Summary Plan Description. This handbook aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive source of information about RF benefit plans and programs.
  • Make your RF benefits plans and programs easier to access and understand when you need them most.
  • Help you with personal benefits and financial planning.


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RF Benefits Quick Reference Guide
This RF Benefits Quick Reference Guide to your benefits is intended to provide general information about Research Foundation (RF) benefits and is not intended to serve as an official Plan Document or Summary Plan Description.


RF Benefits Outline
This Benefits Outline is intended to provide a very brief overview of Research Foundation (RF) benefits for new and prospective regular employees and is not intended to serve as an official Plan Document or Summary Plan Description. Regular employees should refer to Your Benefits: A Quick Reference Guide and the Benefits Handbook for more detailed benefit plan information.


Benefits Bulletin
The fall Benefits Bulletin is an annual publication that provides you with current benefits related information.


Health Plan Insurance Summaries
Refer to the Health Plan Summaries page for links to summaries from each one of the Research Foundation's health insurance providers.

For Postdoctoral Employees

Postdoctoral Employees Benefits Handbook

Postdoctoral Employees Benefits Bulletin



Contact your campus benefits office for more information.

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