Sponsored Programs Administration

The RF manages SUNY’s $1 billion research portfolio, ensuring compliance with university, sponsor and government regulations, policies and procedures.

The RF helps SUNY faculty, students and staff through every step of the research grant process, allowing them to focus on their work and ensuring compliance with university, grant sponsor and government requirements.

RF policies and procedures conform to federal and state laws and regulations that govern such activities as export controls, effort reporting, and human and animal subjects research.

The PI Handbook guides SUNY faculty, students and staff from the development of an idea through writing a proposal, submitting it through the RF, and managing the grant award.

The Statement of Research Integrity provides guidance to scholars, researchers, and administrators in their fulfillment of their research-related responsibilities.

RF Key Business Indicators offer a statistical profile of SUNY’s sponsored programs portfolio – starting with research grant proposals and concluding with jobs created from federally sponsored SUNY research.

The Sponsored Programs Expenditure Profile provides detailed report of SUNY sponsored programs activity by campus and program type.