People, Infrastructure, Technology

SUNY’s unmatched assets span the entire state and drive New York’s innovation economy.

SUNY’s people, infrastructure and technology drive extraordinary innovation, entrepreneurial opportunity, economic development and job growth. START-UP NY aligns with SUNY’s mission of teaching, research and public service.

SUNY Networks of Excellence assemble top scientists and scholars from campuses across the state to collaborate with private sector partners in the key areas including energy, the environment, education, economics, healthcare, neuroscience and manufacturing.

SUNY’s state-of-the-art infrastructure spans all of New York. Six Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT) have contributed $2.2 billion to New York’s economy over the past decade, eight Centers of Excellence (COE) have produced $1 billion in private sector investment and 18 business incubators have produced over 2,100 jobs.

For decades SUNY scientists have delivered solutions to societal problems. SUNY’s long history of innovation spans the heart-lung machine; pioneering Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) research, and software that advanced bar code scanning technology. SUNY TechConnect allows you to search our latest technologies and explore new business opportunities.

Find a SUNY Scholar includes more than 21,000 faculty profiles. SUNY faculty, staff and students attract nearly $1 billion in sponsored research funding every year.