SUNY Brain Network Past Events:

> December 31, 2013: A second virtual meeting was held to finalize the RFP and discuss the review process.

> December 19, 2013: The faculty coordinating committee of the network, including representatives from six SUNY campuses and the major players in neurosciences and related fields, held their first virtual meeting.

> November 16-17, 2013: A workshop was held at Stony Brook University, bringing up to 125 scientists together across SUNY campuses for two days of lectures and discussions.

SUNY Brain Network of Excellence


SUNY Brain has been designed to maximize interdisciplinary and collaborative neuroscience research across SUNY campuses and facilitate partnerships with academia, industry, and the community. 



SUNY Brain will leverage large current investments at multiple SUNY campuses in disciplines such as:


         Neurosciences (molecular to systems to behavior, including psychology)


         Neuroclinical services (neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, anesthesia, neuro-ophthalmology)  


         Analytic sciences (mathematics, statistics, physics, computer sciences)


         Technical platforms (engineering, imaging, chemistry, nanotechnology, informatics, artificial intelligence)


Expanding upon the framework of SUNY REACH, the Brain Network will engage a larger group of SUNY campuses to integrate additional system assets.  Beyond the support of specific projects, the SUNY Brain seeks to improve connectivity within the SUNY investigator community and to facilitate the development of key technical platforms including informatics, thus strengthening the future ability of SUNY investigators to advance the frontiers of neuroscience research.



Request for Proposal (RFP)


Proposal Cover Sheet


RFP Budget Form


SUNY Brain Network of Excellence Funding FAQ


Brain Summer Scholar Program: Apply here




The RFP has been issued, with a due date for the Letter(s) of Intent (LOI) on February 28, 2014.  The Coordinating Committee has been established.  The framework of the Brain Summer Scholar Program is in discussion.  The program will place talented SUNY STEM undergraduates into neuroscience research laboratories throughout the SUNY system.



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