Research-Supported Economic Development

SUNY is at the center of New York's economic revitalization.  As part of its mission to support SUNY, RF facilities and forms collaborations that support economic development and entrepreneurial opportunity. 


The RF helps to establish SUNY-affiliated partnerships that address a wide range of needs such as providing incubator space for emerging technologies and fostering the collaboration and acceleration of research, innovation and invention. 


Business incubators, centers of excellence, centers for advanced technology and other collaborative research ventures populate New York state and are built on the strength and expertise of the SUNY research community.  Ten SUNY-affiliated partnerships are currently responsible for nearly 8,000 jobs statewide. 


To speak with the RF about research-supported economic development, contact:

Jeffrey Boyce
Director of Research Supported Economic Development
(518) 434-7115

Greg O'Connor
Director of Business Services
(518) 434-7153



Regional Economic Development Council News

June 6, 2012: Applications for REDC Round II funding are due July 16

May 3, 2012: Up to $750 Million Will be Available Through Second Round of Regional Economic Development Councils

December 8, 2011: Governor Cuomo Announces $785 Million in Economic Development Funding Through Regional Councils



Regional Economic Development Council

Ten Regional Councils have redefined the way New York invests in jobs and economic growth. These public-private partnerships, which are made up of local experts and stakeholders from business, academia, local government, and non-governmental organizations, put in place a community-based, bottom up approach to develop long-term strategic plans for economic growth for their regions.

Affiliated Corporation Oversight

Effective management of public and private partnerships requires coordination and communication among each of the primary stakeholders on a regular basis. This document provides an overview of the process which has been implemented among SUNY, the RF and campus leadership as well as the rationale for this implementation.

SUNY New Initiative Template

When considering the development and deployment of a new strategic initiative including a new RF affiliate it is helpful to standardize the information used by leadership to make these decisions. This document provides a template for campuses that seek to move forward with a new program and focuses on the connection to overall SUNY strategy, campus mission and fiscal viability.

Board of Directors Criteria

Boards of not-for-profit corporations are required to have a specific skill set in order to be effective. This document details the responsibilities and qualifications that the RF and SUNY consider when looking to appoint Directors to the Boards of RF affiliates.

Strategic Planning Template

Existing RF affiliates will undergo a periodic strategic review in order to ensure continued fulfillment of corporation mission as well as a tangible and positive impact on SUNY and the campus for which the corporation was established to support. This template provides the broad categories of information that will be required by leadership in order to effectively conduct these reviews.

Programmatic Expansion Template

Leadership of RF affiliates often seek to move in new directions or take on new opportunities with the support of both SUNY and the RF. These program expansions or often mission-changing initiatives will undergo a similar review process as when the corporations were first established. This template provides a vehicle through which these reviews might be conducted using a standard format and common language.


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