Technology Accelerator Fund

A significant obstacle to the development and transfer of university technology is the lack of funding for promising discoveries after government-sponsored support ends and before a licensee or venture-capital support is identified and secured.  Funding at this stage is essential to bring to market promising technology with potential implications for public benefit.  The TAF offers a means to assist the SUNY community by providing funding for select technologies to accelerate their development and commercialization.


The TAF complements SUNY’s efforts to revitalize New York’s economy and lead the Entrepreneurial Century.  Business incubators, Centers of Excellence, Centers for Advanced Technology, and other collaborative research ventures populate economic development regions across New York State and are built on the strength of SUNY research.  They foster entrepreneurial campus cultures and support students and faculty in moving discoveries and ideas into the marketplace.


New York’s economic future is dependent upon the ability to drive technology and invention to the marketplace, and programs such as the TAF support the work of SUNY faculty to achieve these goals.


The inaugural Class of 2011 projects have achieved significant milestones on their paths to the market.  TAF has helped mature several technologies to increase their attractiveness to industry partners.


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