iExpense Training Materials

On this page you can access training materials to learn how to set up iExpense and how to use it based on your role. The following types of training materials are available:

  • Job Aid - Reference information such as procedures and navigation instructions in a PDF format that gives users critical data on how to use iExpense.
  • Watch It - A simulation of how iExpense performs that task or procedure with critical steps labeled so users can see what is going through the Flash movie output.
  • Try it - A simulation of how this function works with the opportunity for users to practice and interact with iExpense.
Background Information:  iExpense Overview  |  10 Steps to Get Started   |  4 Steps to Approving Expenses
Get Training on How To:  Set Up iExpense  |  Submit Expenses |  Approve Expenses  | Audit Expenses  

Set Up/Basic Functionality
Untitled Document

Set Time Format

Set Access Authorization
(Delegate Report Creation)
Set Vacation Rules
(Delegate Approval Authority)
Create an Allocation
Conduct a Payment Search
Use the Search Feature

For iExpense Users (Submit Expenses)

Untitled Document

Create an Exense Report

Enter Receipt-Based Expenses
Enter Itemized Receipt-Based Expenses
Enter Per Diem Expenses

Watch It

Enter Mileage

Watch It

Assign an Allocation to an Expense Report

Watch It

Modify an Assigned Allocation

Watch It

Apply an Advance to a Expense Report

Watch It

Review and Submit an Expense Report

For iExpense Approvers

Untitled Document
Review a Submitted Expense Report
Approver Options

For iExpense Auditors
Untitled Document
Complete Auditor Set up Job Aid Try It
Search and Advanced Search Auditor Options Job Aid   Try It
Review a Submitted Expense Report for Auditing
Auditor Options