Dr. Timothy Killeen

Dr. Tim Killeen, RF President

In June 2012 Dr. Timothy Killeen was appointed president of the RF and SUNY vice chancellor for research.

As RF president, Dr. Killeen is the chief executive officer responsible for supervision and operation of the largest, most comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country.

In his dual role, Dr. Killeen is at the center of SUNY’s strategy for the growth of basic, translational, and clinical research. His interaction with campus presidents, provosts, vice presidents for research and economic development, deans, faculty, students and SUNY leadership will drive the implementation of innovative programs, initiatives, resources, policies, infrastructure, investment, and business practices that support SUNY research.

Dr. Killeen leads the SUNY Research Council, an advisory body to the SUNY board of trustees, RF board of directors, SUNY provost, and campus presidents. In its advisory capacity, the council sets strategies that encourage and nurture research as one of the primary missions of SUNY, defines principles that govern research throughout the system, and examines research strengths and opportunities throughout SUNY.

He also chairs the Patent and Inventions Policy Board, which is charged with developing and interpreting SUNY’s intellectual property, commercialization objectives, and policies to encourage interfaces with industry and the advanced use of SUNY research for the public benefit in furtherance of SUNY’s strategic goals.

He appoints, oversees, and supports the performance of RF operations managers who are charged with the management and growth of research at each of the 29 state-operated campuses and collaboratively across the SUNY system, and will report jointly to the RF board of directors and to SUNY’s executive vice chancellor & provost.

Prior to joining the RF and SUNY Dr. Killeen was the National Science Foundation’s assistant director for geosciences beginning in 2008. As head of one of the scientific directorates of the NSF, he managed a funding portfolio of roughly $880 million, up from $750 million when he started. Dr. Killeen was also a Lyall Research Professor at the University of Colorado and, in 2007, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. From 2000-2008, he served as director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), one of the premier atmospheric and climate-change research centers in the world and one of most-cited research centers in its fields.

He spent more than 20 years on the faculty and in the administration at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, including a term as associate vice president for research. He has been the principal investigator on numerous theoretical and experimental investigations relating to atmospheric and space science, computing and information technology, and educational innovation, and has authored more than 150 publications in referred journals and 300 other publications, papers and conference proceedings.

Dr. Killeen has led major strategic planning processes, including the development of the 10-year strategic plan for the $2.6 billion annual, 13- agency US Global Change Research Program, and has established several significant new programs including the Science, Engineering & Education for Sustainability (SEES) initiative. He has been active in promoting NSF’s international programs, co-founding the Belmont Forum, which gathers representatives of leading government funding agencies worldwide (including NSF), to collaborate on global climate environmental change research. He has served on various White House Committees and Task Forces, testified frequently to Congress and the Executive branch, and is chair of IGFA, the 25 member International Group of Funding Agencies for global change research.

Dr. Killeen, a US citizen, grew up in Wales and completed his undergraduate and graduate education at University College London, earning his Ph.D. in Atomic and Molecular Physics at the age of 23.

Contact Information:

Phone:                         (518) 434-7120
E-mail:                         timothy.killeen@rfsuny.org