Key Business Indicators

RF Key Business Indicators offer a statistical profile of SUNY’s sponsored programs and innovation support services portfolio and present a clear picture of RF business trends. The data points represent milestones in the lifecycle of the RF’s two services – sponsored programs administration and innovation. Some of this data is also part of SUNY’s Report Card.


Fiscal Year 2013
The following offers an at-a-glance view of key RF metrics. Click on each metric for a chart that provides a detailed view and historical trends. For a deeper dive into the numbers, view the RF Metrics Almanac.

Sponsored Program Administration Innovation and Partnerships

Number of Proposals - 5,414

Number of Awards - 6,983

Total Expenditures - $983.2 Million

Direct Expenditure Activity - $843.1 Million

Indirect Expenditure Activity - $140.1 Million

STAR Metrics - 3,993.4
(# of jobs created from federal funding)

Invention Disclosures Received - 254

U.S. Patent Applications Filed - 237

U.S. Patents Issued - 64

License & Option Agreements Executed - 60