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To assist the State University of New York (SUNY) campuses achieve greater economic impacts based on their research activities, a regional model of innovation operations was established. SUNY has seven innovation offices, including:

A Technology Transfer Coordinator works with all the campuses that do not have a technology transfer office.

Innovation Community Chest: Tools & Resources for Commercializing Technology
Access innovation tools and resources including webinars, reports, collaboration tools, databases and videos within the Innovation Community Chest

Overview of the Process:
If you are a university-affiliated individual and you believe you may have developed a novel method, device, process, material, software or any other form of invention that may have a commercial potential, you are obligated under the SUNY Policy on Patents and Inventionsto disclose it to the appropriate commercialization office. We can then begin the assessment process and ensure that valuable rights are not compromised.

  1. Disclosure: The first step is to report - or disclose - your invention. At this point you may want to become familiar with our intellectual property policies and guidelines and talk to people at your technology transfer office or with the Technology Transfer Coordinator.

  2. Assessment: We will with your help evaluate your invention for patentability and commercial potential.

  3. Protection: If the assessment is positive, we will work with you to protect the invention by filing a patent application or other form of protection. Learn more about patenting.

  4. Marketing: We will seek potential commercial partners to make your technology available to the public.

Ready to get started? Submit a New Technology Discolsure (NTD) Form

There are three ways to submit an NTD form:

If you work at a campus with a Technology Transfer Office
Locate the New Technology Discolsure (NTD) form on your campus technology transfer office website. Submit forms to your campus office.

All other campuses
Use the fillable NTD form. Submit the form to the RF Operations Manager at your campus or the person given the authority to handle technology transfer related matters at your campus.

SUNY Inventor Portal
Campuses may submit disclosures electronically through the SUNY Inventor Portal. The SUNY Inventor Portal lets you keep track of the NTDs you submit and their status. After submission, print the disclosure, sign it, and deliver it to the technology transfer representative at your campus.

Learn more: View the SUNY Inventor Portal demo.  


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