How to Get Information About the Research Foundation for SUNY

The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RF) is committed to transparency, accountability and exemplary ethics in fulfilling our mission and charge to support the SUNY community to grow the volume of sponsored research that translates into innovation, invention, entrepreneurship, economic opportunity and public benefit across New York State and throughout the world.

The RF complies with New York’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The RF receives requests under FOIL and responds in compliance with FOIL. The RF reviews requests made under FOIL applying exceptions to requests that are consistent with the law.

The RF website provides for public view and inspection financial data, reports, publications and other information about its operations in the following sections:

For further information about the following reports or about the RF in general, please contact:

Peter Taubkin
Director of External Relations & Corporate Communications
(518) 434-7063


History, Services and Responsibilities
> Research Foundation Overview

The Research Foundation Overview summarizes what the RF is, its relationship with SUNY and its two core services - Sponsored Programs Administration and Commercialization Support Services.

> 1977 Agreement
The 1977 Agreement, approved by the state comptroller, director of the Division of the Budget, and the attorney general, formalized the RF’s role as the organization responsible for managing research grants and other sponsored programs for SUNY.
> Research Foundation Fact Sheets

Research Foundation Fact Sheets provide concise, one page information about RF services, SUNY research strengths, faculty discoveries and other topics.

Business Operations

> Operating Plan

The Operating Plan outlines the Research Foundation’s annual budget and includes descriptions and charts to show the sources and uses of RF funds. It is a comprehensive resource for all stakeholders to understand our business.  

> A Pocket Guide to the Business of the RF

The Research Foundation Pocket Guide summarizes the business of the RF -- sources of income, how funds are used, concepts related to sponsored programs funding and where to find key financial reports and other resources.

Strategic Plan

> Strategic Plan Website

The Strategic Plan Website outlines the RF’s three strategic goals, the strategies in place to reach them, and the projects underway for the current year. The site also measures progress with a data dashboard, quarterly progress updates on each goal, and monthly project status updates.

Financial Information
> Annual Reports
The Annual Report summarizes RF activities that support SUNY research, highlights SUNY research accomplishments and includes the RF’s audited financial statements.
> IRS Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990)
Form 990 is an annual information return used by tax-exempt organizations to provide the IRS with financial information such as gross income, receipts, and disbursements. It helps the IRS enforce the laws that govern nonprofits.

Sponsors and members of the public rely on Form 990 as the primary source of information about a particular organization -- its financial strength or weakness and such things as the sources of its income.

> A-133 Report and Certifications
The A-133 Report provides an independent opinion on how the Research Foundation administers and spends federal funds.

Sponsored Programs Administration
> Sponsored Programs Expenditure Profile Summary
The Expenditure Profile Summary provides fiscal year sponsored programs expenditures by campus, funding source and program type. It also provides a five-year historical trend of sponsored programs expenditures by campus.