RF Overview

The Research Foundation (RF) helps the State University of New York (SUNY)


  • acquire and manage grants and contracts from external sponsors. View the lifecycle of a grant/contract (also known as a sponsored program).
  • move inventions made at the campuses to the marketplace to benefit society and the New York State economy. View the lifecycle of moving inventions (also known as technology transfer).
  • create environments where SUNY faculty, staff and students can collaborate with private and public organizations


The RF also provides human resources/payroll and purchasing/payables administration services to campus-related organizations such as clinical practice plans (to manage the funds brought in by University clinical faculty at University hospitals, outpatient facilities and affiliated health care facilities) or campus-based foundations (separate organizations that support the fundraising of the campus).


Grants and contracts for research and training programs at SUNY are awarded to the RF not directly to the principal investigator or to the campus. By taking care of the day-to-day administration of sponsored programs -- financial, human resources, procurement and reporting activities -- the RF allows principal investigators to devote more time to their research and scholarship.


Through its ability to bring together the resources of organizations having different legal or management systems, the RF makes it possible for SUNY to build strategic partnerships with government, business and industry and other higher education institutions.


The RF consists of the corporate headquarters (central office) working in conjunction with operating units at 29 campus locations across New York State.


The RF is not a New York State agency or public authority. While the RF works hand-in-hand with SUNY, it is a private, nonprofit educational corporation that has its own board of directors, programs, policies and procedures.


The RF does not receive services provided to New York State agencies or state appropriations to support corporate functions. RF employees are not on the New York State payroll and do not receive state pensions or other state employee benefits.



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