Research Collaboration Grant Program
2013 Recipients

Seven research projects were selected to receive up to $100,000 from the Research Collaboration Grant Program. See the list of principal investigators and their projects below. 


Read the press release:
Governor Cuomo Announces Nearly $700K Research Collaboration Fund Awards to 10 SUNY Campuses

Tool Building: Developmental and Physiological Roles of Actomin 1 and 2 Ion Channels

Adam Rich, Ph.D.

College at Brockport
Adam Rich, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Jeffrey Amack, Ph.D.

Upstate Medical Center
Jeffrey Amack, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Cell and Development Biology

The Interplay of Genetic, Neurobiological, and Development Factors in the Association between Social Support in Marriage and Physical and Mental Health

Richard Mattson, Ph.D.

Binghamton University
Richard Mattson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology

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Binghamton University Professor Receives Funding for Stress Treatment Study

Matthew Johnson, Ph.D. Binghamton University
Matthew Johnson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology
Nicole Cameron, Ph.D Binghamton University
Nicole Cameron, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology (Joint Appointment in Biology)
Joanne Davila Stony Brook University
Joanne Davila, Ph.D. Professor, Psychology

Frank Middleton Upstate Medical University
Frank Middleton, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Neuroscience & Physiology

Functional SERS Nanoprobes for DNA Detection and Imaging
Chuan-Jian Zhong. Ph.D. Binghamton University
Chuan-Jian Zhong. Ph.D. Professor, Analytical & Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Nanotechnology
Maria Hepel, Ph.D. SUNY Potsdam
Maria Hepel, Ph.D. Chair/Distinguished Professor, Chemistry

Integrating Meteorological and Biogeochemical Measurements of Carbon Cycling
Scott Miller, Ph.D University at Albany
Scott Miller, Ph.D. Research Associate
David Kieber, Ph.D. College of Environmental Science and Forestry
David Kieber, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Chair and Professor 10

Developing novel optimization based data mining detection and interpretation of brain aneurysm rupture
Chun-An Chou, Ph.D. Binghamton University
Chun-An Chou, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Yahia Lodi, MD Upstate Medical University
Yahia Lodi, MD, FAHA Professor of Clinical Campus - Neurology

Derivation of molecular signatures for acute prostate cancer prognosis using both annotated and non-annotated tissue samples
Yijun Sun, Ph.D.

University at Buffalo
Yijun Sun, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology

Brian McNeil, M.D. Downstate Medical Center
Brian McNeil, M.D. Assistant Professor of Urology

Diagnostic Tools for Assessing the Levels and Repair of Cisplatin DNA Adducts in Tumors
Thomas Begley, Associate Professor of Nanobioscienc

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Thomas Begley, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Nanobioscience, Associate Vice President & Director of the Systems Toxicology Lab

Orlando D. Scharer, Professor Stony Brook University
Orlando D. Scharer, Ph.D. Professor


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