Connect, Collaborate and Find Funding

Connect, Collaborate, Find Funding Tools and Programs
Use the links below to search a dynamic database of more than $33 billion in funding, tag, share and create automatic funding alerts, and connect with scholars at SUNY and throughout the world.

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Connect, Collaborate and Find Funding
Find a SUNY Scholar Find a SUNY Scholar
Connect to a database of more than 21,000 profiles of SUNY faculty experts that leverages the capacity of the SUNY research community and supports SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century.

SUNY Distinguished Academy

SUNY Distinguished Academy
Connect with faculty who have achieved the highest level of academic excellence, a rank that can only be designated by the Board of Trustees.


Pivot Pivot
Search the world's most comprehensive funding resource, with more than 25,000 records worth more than $33 billion.

Scholar Universe Scholar Universe
Access over 2 million profiles of researchers from 1,600 institutions throughout the world.