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An individual who is paid a stipend through the Research Foundation and is not required to perform a service to receive the stipend.




Nonwage payments in support of the recipient's academic study or fellow-initiated research and in recognition of the recipient's promise as a research or teaching scholar. Fellowship awards administered by the Research Foundation on behalf of SUNY are for scholarly study or research by faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate and graduate students at a SUNY campus or at other locations in conjunction with SUNY academic programs.



Foreign territories

Relates to vehicle insurance coverage. Any territories outside of the "covered territories" For more information, refer to "Travel in Foreign Territories" in Insurance Guidelines for Rental Vehicles.


Fiscal year

Any yearly accounting period without regard to its relationship to a calendar year.



Fixed asset

An item owned by your company and used for operations. Fixed assets generally have a life of more than one year, are acquired for use in the operation of the company, and are not intended for resale to customers.



Fixed price award

A fixed price award is any sponsored grant or contract where the sponsor does not require the Research Foundation to return any unexpended funds at the conclusion of the project.



Fixed price balance award

A fixed price balance award is an award established to record the balance of funds that remain after termination of a project (either grant or contract) supported by a fixed price award.




A flexible data field, able to be customized, that is made up of segments and used to capture information specific to the RF. Each segment has an assigned name and a set of valid values. There are two types:

  • key can be customized to enter multiple segment values. See key flexfield.
  • descriptive can be customized to enter additional information for which the application has not already provided a field. See descriptive flexfield.


"Flow-down" clauses

Clauses which, in accordance with Federal regulations, must be incorporated in purchase instruments when the dollar value of the procurement exceeds certain specified amount(s). The purpose of these clauses is to ensure that the vendor, in furnishing materials or rendering services to Federally sponsored projects, complies with such regulatory legislation as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the United States Department of Labor regulations.




In an Oracle application, a set of windows that completes a specific task. In the RF, forms are documents located in the Forms resource area of EPSS that are filled out for a particular purpose.



Full-time employee

One who works for at least the number of hours per week that represents the operating location's standard workweek. That employee is said to be working at 1.0 FTE.



Full meal per diem

Meal allowance of one breakfast and one dinner for an employee who is on travel for official Research Foundation business. To be entitled to a full meal allowance, a traveler must be in overnight travel status. See meal allowance and per diem.



Full time equivalent (FTE)

The time a person devotes to an assignment. Expressed as a whole number or a decimal (e.g., 1, .5, .25) 



Funds available

The difference between an authorized spending amount and all actual and anticipated expenditures. In other words, funds available is the amount budgeted less actual expenses and encumbrances of all types. Oracle Financials lets you check funds available online for requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices. Funds Available = Budget - (Actual Expenses + Encumbrances).



Funds checking

The process of verifying that sufficient funds are available to cover expenditures. Funds can be checked when entering a requisition, purchase order, or invoice. Oracle Financials does not reserve funds for a transaction, but compares the transaction amount against funds available and notifies you online whether funds are available. 


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