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Use of employee leave accruals or leave use. Absence types are categories of absence, such as medical leave or vacation leave, that are defined for use in absence windows.



Academic year obligation

An annual obligation of service for the academic year, which is determined by the chief administrative officer or designee of each operating location.




The record established from the grant or contract received by an organization from a sponsor (customer). Awards are used to fund one or more projects.



Accounting (methods)

  • accrual basis accounting A method of accounting in which revenues are recognized in the accounting period in which they are earned and expenses are recognized in the accounting period in which they are incurred. Both revenues and expenses need to be measurable to be reportable.
  • cash basis of accounting A method of accounting in which expenses are recognized only when they are incurred. With the cash basis of accounting, Payables only create journal entries for invoice payments.



Administrative employees

Administrative employees are those persons employed:

  • at the Research Foundation central office in positions paid from corporate accounts. 


  • in positions at operating locations that are supported from RF funded allocations and that involve performing sponsored program administration or general campus administration. Administrative positions are generally characterized by open-ended appointments and are not normally subject to annual renewal depending on the availability of grant revenue.

Administrative staff at operating locations are usually in positions where the Award Purpose Code is "RF Funded Revenue" and the assigned project is classified under one of the following NACUBO class categories:

    • Sponsored Funds Administration
    • General Administration
    • Departmental Administration
    • General Institutional Support
    • Institutional and Dept Support
    • Maintenance and Operations
    • Student Services
    • Libraries


    • Staff in administrative positions on sponsored program awards and project staff temporarily supported from revenue distribution awards (RF funded) are not considered administrative employees.
    • Employees paid from agency funds (e.g., staffing services, clinical practice, etc.) are not considered administrative employees.


Adverse Impact
A form of discrimination which occurs when an organization's neutral policy or practice that is applied uniformly to all applicants or employees (e.g., word-of-mouth recruiting, educational requirements, etc.) has the effect of denying employment or advancement to members of protected classes (women and minorities). Business necessity (e.g., a reduction-in-force, etc.) is the only justifiable reason for adverse impact.



After-the-fact reporting

Certification of personal activity (i.e., effort) completed after the actual events occurred.



Aggregate balance

The sum of the end-of-day balances for a range of days. There are three types of aggregate balances: period-to-date (PTD), quarter-to-date (QTD), and year-to-date (YTD). All three are stored in the General Ledger database for every calendar day.




For tax purposes, a foreign person in the U.S. who is not a citizen of the U.S.; also referred to as a "non-citizen." (see also resident alien and nonresident alien.)



Alternate regions

In Oracle, parts of a window that appear in a stack so that only one is visible at any time. The user clicks on the name of the region to pop up a list  of the other regions in the stack. Select the name of a region to bring it to the top of the stack. For example, in Awards Management, the options that address specific needs or requirements for the award (e.g., Installments, Terms and Conditions, Reports, etc.).




See award status inquiry.




An authorization by a legislative body that permits a government to incur obligations and make payments for specified purposes. An appropriation usually follows enactment of authorizing legislation. Appropriations are limits on the amounts agencies can obligate during the time specified in the appropriation act.




See fixed asset.




In Oracle, an assignment is entered in the HR people file and identifies a number of components, including the organization, people type (employee, fellow, etc.), and the payroll for a person.  A person's assignment identifies his or her role and payroll within a Business Group.



At risk awards

Awards for which a formal award document has not been received from the sponsor.




The record established from the grant or contract received by an organization. Awards are used to fund one or more projects.



Award roles

Positions or functions that people perform in activities funded by an award (not necessarily paid employees). 



Award status inquiry 

A summary of amounts by award, project, resource or task. See RFASI.


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