RF Strategic Plan

The Research Foundation’s 2009-2013 Strategic Plan, Growth through Innovation and Collaboration was fueled by the Power of SUNY and heralded in a new era of what Chancellor Nancy Zimpher calls “systemness” across the SUNY research enterprise. Cross-campus collaborations became a norm, most notably in the SUNY Networks of Excellence, and the RF and SUNY partnered to advance Governor Cuomo's Innovation Agenda through initiatives that include START-UP NY and the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund, both still going strong today.

    The driving force of our 2009-2013 plan was – and still is today – supporting SUNY faculty and clearing a path through administration to an open road of discovery and innovation. New tools to help include an online Effort Reporting System and the RF Report Center dashboards, which provide comprehensive and graphical award information and expenditure trending.

    Research and Innovation: 2014-2020

    Research Foundation plans for the next five years are guided by three aspirational and measurable goals for SUNY Research:

    Read the preliminary draft SUNY Strategy for Research and Innovation: 2014-2020.

    The strategy will be further developed and shared with stakeholders in the fall 2014. 

    Pairing Action with Results

    Action: The RF fiscal year 2015 Operating Plan charts a course of action to reach the three goals.

    Projects/Programs: The Operating Plan’s strategic projects and programs support our goals and achieve quantifiable outcomes.

    Results: RF Key Business Indicators track our progress. View charts and trends.