RF Strategic Plan: Growth through Innovation and Collaboration

The RF strategic plan, Growth through Innovation and Collaboration, is aligned with the Power of SUNY and helps us achieve the RF vision to be the best-in-class partner as it:

  • delivers high quality, focused and efficient service to faculty and staff, sponsors and the SUNY research community
  • provides an environment that facilitates sponsored program collaboration - among SUNY campuses and with the public and private sectors
  • capitalizes on the scope, scale and diversity of SUNY as an engine of New York State’s innovation economy

Strategic Goals
We are focused on our strategic plan goals, acting on the strategies we've put in place to achieve them, and moving forward in support of SUNY's commitment to New York State's economic revitalization.

Strategic Goal 1: Provide outstanding sponsored program administration services and stewardship to the SUNY community (faculty, students and staff) and sponsors, respectively.

Strategies to achieve Goal 1:

  • Improve tools to assist campus customers.
  • Strengthen compliance in cooperation with SUNY System Administration.
  • Implement shared service models.
  • Increase diversity and inclusion.

Strategic Goal 2: Assist campuses in increasing sponsored program funding.

Strategy to achieve Goal 2:

  • Support SUNY programs to increase research.

Strategic Goal 3: Increase technology transfer and commercialization in support of SUNY's efforts to revitalize New York's economy.

Strategy to achieve Goal 3:

  • Increase access to SUNY's assets.

    The RF 2014 Operating Plan implements projects, programs and initiatives supporting collaboration and improving the speed with which innovation moves from the lab to commercialization and economic benefit. 


    Strategic Plan progress is measured through the successful outcomes of projects and programs, and our Key Business Indicators.

    Progress Report: A Three Year Look at the Research Foundation Strategic Plan

    Strategic Planning Resources